when i regained consciousness, i found myself sitting next to my sister in the back of a car with tinted windows. we were both tied and gagged so there was very little we could do to communicate and make sense of what was going on. there were two masked men in the car with us, one was driving and the other kept monitoring our movements. the car stopped at an abandoned warehouse and we were carried inside amidst our fruitless resistance and muffled cries. inside the warehouse, we were tied against a steel rod and our abductors sat across from us without saying a word. it was then that i began to cry and the scruffy looking plumb man yelled at me. we sat there for over an hour and during that time i kept wondering why this happened to us. i couldn’t think of a single person who would want to harm us. my pondering came to a halt when i heard footsteps from the entrance of the warehouse coming towards us

“well well who do we have here?  if it isn’t the darling girls of Judge Finnigan!” the man who walked towards us exclaimed. i figured he was the mastermind behind the abduction. he was smartly dressed in a black suit and looked like an ordinary citizen. i would never had pegged him as one capable of such a terrible deed.

“im pretty sure you girls are wondering what is going on. since im such  kind man, il let you in on why you are here” he said with a smile and continued ” about 10 years ago, your father presided over a case in which i was charged with murder. he sentenced me to 25 years in prison even though i pleaded not guilty and tried to make him understand that it was an accident. i came out on parole about 2 weeks ago and during my time in jail, i planned my revenge against him. i am going to hit him where it hurts the most. im going to make him wish he never sat on my case and im going to make sure he pays dearly for making me miss out on 10 good years of my life”

i could sense the anger and pain in his voice and i knew deep down my guts that Keisha and i were in so much trouble. that thought made my eyes well up with unshed tears.


“you better shut your mouth before i come over and shut it for you ” the scruffy looking plumb man yelled at me

Keisha looked at me as if to say “stop crying before you get us into more trouble”

the only source of light in the room was a bulb in the left corner and it kept twitching. there were rats and only  God knows the other kinds of insects in there with us. up until about an hour ago, Keisha and i were at a party having fun. we were happy and giggling the night away without a care in the world. I couldn’t help but blame her for the mess we were currently in. how on earth did i let her talk me into this?

Keisha was my twin sister  and though we had different personalities we did practically everything together. she was the adventurous outgoing type and I was  the reserved and shy one. one of her friend’s was throwing a party and she wanted to attend so badly but she knew that the only way mum and dad would give her permission was if she went along with me because they did not like us to be alone at night, as mum would say ” walking in pairs is always safer” dad was a judge and mum was a criminal lawyer and they had quite a lot of enemies to their credit so they did all they could to ensure that we were kept safe at all times.. Keisha literally had to bend her back over to convince me to go with her and I finally gave in to her request because she was beginning to irritate me with all her begging and whining.

it was a house party and it was about 20 minutes drive from our home. despite our resistance, dad dropped us off and informed us that he would pick us up at 11pm. Jeez! talk about overprotective parents! we were 16 for crying out loud not 2 year old toddlers..

the party was fun… much more fun than I had anticipated. I saw a lot of familiar faces and even made new friends. I was in the process of getting myself another can of soda when the lights suddenly went out. everyone started screaming because the entire place was pitch dark. out of nowhere, I felt someone cover my nose and my mouth from behind with a handkerchief and I was out cold within seconds.